Featured fisheries

A selection of fisheries to enjoy in 2019

Stockley Pool, Shobdon, Herefordshire

Approximately 4½ acre pool in remote northern Herefordshire, this secluded carp lake offers easy access to the water in beautiful farmed surroundings. A historic kettle pool formed in the last ice age, a feature North Herefordshire is reknowned for, Stockley Pool was stocked until the fishery changed hands a few years ago.

With spectacular views across to the Black Mountains, and parking right by the lake’s edge, it’s a great place to while away the hours waiting for that carp to bite.

Stockely also benefits from being a year-round fishery, with no close season. This means it's ideally suited to get your fix while waiting for our other river fishing to re-open!

White House, nr How Caple, Herefordshire

This fishery has been in the Passport for some time now, but has recently taken on a dedicated fishery keeper. A gorgeous 1 mile stretch of left bank fishing between Hereford and Ross, this beat offers a great day's fishing for any angler.

The upstream sections of this beat are quite deep and slow but the pace quickens further downstream, and the faster sections will provide good potential trotting water.

Access to some of the pools is made easier by croys and platforms but where wading is necessary, the gravel riverbed in this part of the Wye makes for relatively easy going.

Glynneath and District Angling Association

Glynneath and District Angling Association waters are situated in the upper Neath Valley. Much of the seventeen miles of prime brown trout water are located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, often known as Waterfall Country due to the many waterfalls that are to be seen there. A beautiful environment to fish.

From the end of July/beginning of August, (depending on water conditions) there is a salmon and sewin run. Depending on the season and the number of migratory fish that run, good sport can be had with anglers reporting catches of good size fish in some years.

A day ticket will give you access to all 17 miles. All you have to do is just have to decide where to fish!

Middle Ballingham

⅔ of a mile of double bank fishing on the river Wye a few miles downstream of Hereford. This secluded stretch offers some excellent salmon fishing as well as coarse fishing for the usual species that inhabit the middle river. A mixture of wadable, streamy water and gentle glides over gravel at the top end leading to deep, slow pools, the beat has sections suitable for various methods, including trotting for dace and chub. The slow, deeper sections are also be good winter piking spots.

As with many middle Wye beats, the banks in some places are high and steep, so care will be needed in accessing the river.

Access along the bank is good but by foot only so anglers are advised to travel light. The parking spot is in a layby and there is a 100m (110 yard) walk to the downstream section of the beat. The banks are steep in places although there are plenty of spots to access the water.

Aberystwyth Angling Association

The Association has fishing rights on 16 miles of both banks of the river Rheidol from Devils Bridge to the sea. The river enjoys an international reputation as one of Wales's premier salmon and sea trout fisheries with double figure specimens of both species being caught on a regular basis.

The Association also has access to 11 different upland Llyns and lakes, including the Cwm Rheidol Reservoir, which is the largest of all their lakes. Alternatively there is Llyn Lygad Rheidol, the highest of all their Llyns at 500m above sea level, only accessible by 4x4 or a 2 mile walk - but sits on Plynlimon not far from the source of Rheidol, Wye and Severn!

A day ticket entitles you to fish on all 16 miles of the Rheidol as well as all 11 lakes, so offers incredible value for money.

Taff Fechan (Wild Streams)

For those fly fishers who enjoy stalking wild fish in remote waters, the Wild Streams are just what you are looking for! Set in stunning scenery, they can be anything from six feet wide mountain streams to more leisurely paced, medium-sized rivers. Some Wild Streams are arguably our toughest waters to fish.

The majority of the Taf Fechan is rural with the first 1½ miles running over rocky, sometimes deep water and through the Taf Fechan Gorge. The next three kilometres start with deep gutters and then tend to be smaller stream with only wild natural brown trout. If you can fish this little river when the reservoir is over flowing slightly you will be guaranteed success on flies fished up or downstream.